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sábado, 4 de junho de 2011


Once upon a time there was a little girl whose name, I think, was Ana. I don’t remember well if this was her name but what does it matter? For this story the only thing that matters – as Hans Christian Andersen would say - is that she was a little girl. In those days, her parents could not afford to buy the furniture for her new room although Ana was anxious to have a bed only for herself. The doll-house where she kept her Barbies and her Teddy-bear had been given to her for Christmas. One day her parents had an idea – why not sell the water-colour which they had inherited from Max Römer? So they decided to sell it as there was no other choice. And that day, when Ana came back from school she was surprised to see her room completely changed as she had dreamed of. That night she also could dream and sleep holding close her dolls and the teddy-bear. She was so happy and she thanked that gentleman with a queer name she could not understand. But from now on she would call that room by the name of Max Römer thanking him for the furniture she had so long desired and received that day.
Nice tribute!
This story is based on real facts.

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